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About Us

Eagle Renewable Energy (Jiangsu) Co ., Ltd

Eagle Renewable Energy (Jiangsu) Co ., Ltd,headquartered in Singapore,formerly known as Jiangsu Eternal New Energy Engineering Co ., Ltd.(founded in 2007),was acquired by Singapore Eagle Renewable Energy (ERE) in 2020 and officially renamed as Eagle Renewable Energy (Jiangsu) Co ., Ltd.Company has been committed to the development of consulting,design,procurement,construction,investment and financing,operation and maintenance (EPC + fo) of distributed PV power stations.With the rapid development of Internet and mobile terminals,company has been promoting the development of intelligent power stations.Through intelligent micro reverse devices and corresponding software,the power station operation has realized real-time monitoring for each component.

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Cooperation Mode

  • Roof lease mode

    Adopt roof lease mode to cooperate with the owner. We will participate in the roof design of the uncompleted plant and responsible for investment on the roof lease mode, electricity charges base on the saling price or fixed price.

  • Energy management contract

    Responsible for the investment in the process of the registration, construction and operation management of the power station.For enterprises with high quality roof resources and electricity consumption capacity will offer price discount or fixed price to achieve energy-saving benefits.

  • Project construction management

    We are responsible for the project design, equipment selection and engineering construction of the power station. In the early stage, we provide professional and precise project design for customers. During the implementation process, we can effectively control the construction quality, safety, cost and schedule.

Business Scope


PV Power Station

PV power station is a kind of PV power generation system which uses solar energy and special materials such as silicon plate


Integrated power storage system

Integrated power storage system, is a power generation system composed of PV equipment and power storage equipment.


Integrated intelligent energy

The integrated intelligent energy system refers to the integration of coal, oil, natural gas, electric energy



Earn value of each ray of sunshine for you
Module Inverter Cable

Our Strength

Intelligent power station management service, to realize your income.

  • Strong financial background

    Singapore DBS Bank and fund company's strong capital background and sufficient capital operation ability.

  • Senior Financial team

    Accurate investment model provides reliable,stable and sustainable income basis for the investment and financing of PV power station;enables customers/investors to enjoy long-term,safe and stable investment income,and ensures the biggest income of PV power station

  • Professional Design Team

    There are a number of senior industry experts,designers,power engineers, with independent professional custom design capabilities.Adhere to the safety,rigorous,scientific,equipment matching,low construction cost,ensure the design concept of power generation.Senior engineer field survey,UAV 360°measurement,VR modeling calculation,class A design institute cooperation.

  • Professional construction team

    Large scale project construction experience,strict technical audit and safety standards,professional on-site construction treatment and national qualification professional construction team ensure the construction of high-quality,safe,efficient and low-risk power station

  • Product warranty capability

    High efficiency component design,brand inverter selection and high-quality cable laying ensure the safety and reliability of the power station project,improve the power generation efficiency and realize the owner's income.

  • Intelligent multimodal transportation system

    Intelligent monitoring and operation and maintenance platform,online infrared detection,engineers'regular online and offline inspection,industrial level big data analysis,accurate positioning and detection of the power generation and operation of each PV module,24-hour real-time monitoring,fault alarm,all-round intelligent operation and maintenance,so as to ensure the power generation income and safe and stable operation of the power station.

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