Integrated intelligent energy

The integrated intelligent energy system refers to the integration of coal, oil, natural gas, electric energy, thermal energy and other energy resources in a certain region by using advanced physical information technology and innovative management mode,so as to realize the coordinated planning,optimal operation,collaborative management,interactive response and mutual assistance among various heterogeneous energy subsystems.It is a new type of integrated energy system which can effectively improve energy utilization efficiency and promote sustainable development of energy while meeting the diversified energy demand within the system.


Integrated Energy Management System:

Integrated Energy Management System (IEMS) can realize the deep integration of energy flow and information flow, monitor the data of power consumption, cooling, heating, water and gas consumption in the park, and realize the intelligent control of cooling and heating in the park, and greatly improve the intelligent level of energy supply and energy comprehensive utilization efficiency.

The realization of complete and high-performance steady-state real-time data acquisition and monitoring function is the basis of follow-up early warning, control and other functions, and is the "sensory system" of IEMs system.


Topology analysis, state estimation and parameter identification based on real-time information collected by multi energy flow SCADA is the "neural system" of IEMs system.


N-1 security assessment is used to judge whether the system is in normal state; when the system is in an unsafe state, the weak points of security are found out and safety control suggestions are given.


For multi energy flow system, the optimization is carried out in the vertical and horizontal directions to realize the coupling complementary and optimal flow of different energy types, so as to maximize the economic benefits and reduce the overall energy consumption.


Intelligent control system:

Access the data of distributed PV, distributed fan and existing equipment (gas boiler, screw machine, direct fired engine, etc.) in the park to realize the monitoring of system equipment operation parameters.



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