• Module

    Solar cell module is composed of high efficiency single crystal/ polycrystalline solar cells,low iron ultra white suede tempered glass,packaging materials (EVA, Poe, etc.),functional backplane,interconnection bar,bus bar,junction box and aluminum alloy frame.The service life can reach 15-25 years.

  • Inverter

    Inverter,also known as power regulator and power regulator,is an essential part of PV system.The main function of PV inverter is to convert the DC generated by solar panels into AC used in household appliances. All the electricity generated by solar panels can only be exported through the processing of inverter.

  • Cable

    During the installation and maintenance of PV system,the cable can be laid on the sharp edge of the roof structure.At the same time,the cable must bear the pressure, bending, tension,cross tensile load and strong impact,so it is very important to select the appropriate cable.